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      Punch safety operation procedures

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      Specification press operation procedures and methods to ensure personal safety, equipment safety and product quality stability. Punch is a machine tool with a high risk and must firmly establish the concept of safety first. It must strictly operate the process to prevent accidents.
      Specification press operation procedures and methods to ensure personal safety, equipment safety and product quality stability. Punch is a machine tool with a high risk and must firmly establish the concept of safety first. It must strictly operate the process to prevent accidents.
      (I) Execute the factory safety technical code and the operating rules of this equipment.
      1 Check whether there are any irrelevant artifacts or debris in the stamping work area before going to work. After clearing, check whether the upper and lower molds and screws are loose and the molds must be loosened.
      2 check the punch operation mode, is a single manual, or dual manual or pedal mode. Place the switch handle in the selected mode. The processing of our company does not require a linkage method for the time being, so it is not allowed to be placed in a linkage position.
      3 When abnormal problems are found, such as abnormal sounds. The mains power must be turned off before troubleshooting or repairs.
      4 When the mold is closed, it should be stopped when the flywheel stops running. Manually check the one-to-two stamping stroke when the mold is completed, and turn it on without any error.
      5 Items must be placed strictly in accordance with requirements and must not be placed arbitrarily.
      During work hours, if the lower mold has a positional or uncompleted mold closing work, the warning sign shall not be used. Turn off the main power after work and close the power box.
      (2) Before the work, the number of rotations of the flywheel should be moved by hand or the electricity button should be opened or closed. Do not start suddenly and check the following conditions.
      (1) It is necessary to check whether the machine's lubrication system and mechanical system are normal. A refueling pump is used to refill the lubricant once to prevent the dry grinding of crankshaft bushes and rails.
      (2) It is necessary to check whether the clutch and brake are flexible and easy to use, and whether the pedals, tie rods, molded plates, screws, and various transfer devices are loosened.
      (3) It must be checked whether the punch can move freely on the guide rail, whether the flywheel is beating, and whether the flywheel clutch is reliable.
      (4) It must be checked whether the protective cover, die and pressure plate are firmly installed, and whether the punch has repeated repeated attacks.
      (5) It must be checked whether the operation of the ejector is accurate and whether the billet is suitable for stamping. (6) It must be checked whether the electrical ground wire is sound and reliable.
      (3) Before driving, disengage the live pin clutch. When the vehicle is parked, disengage the coupling first, and then start or stop the motor transportation.
      (4) The following points must be observed when installing the die:
      (1) The contact points of the upper and lower punches must be wiped clean. The guide bushing of the die guide shall not allow the guide shaft to be exposed. They shall be connected together. (2) The upper and lower punches must be parallel. The upper punch and the lower die surface must be perpendicular. The punch press plate must be flat and the press plate screw must be tightened in the symmetrical direction. (3) The punch impact center must coincide with the press center, and the maximum impact force must not exceed the rated pressure of the machine. (4) Do not take screws and other objects under the die or pallets by hand to prevent pressure on the hand. (5) After the mold with the punching pressure of 100T or less is loaded, the paper is used for proofreading, and then the paper is used for trial punching. It is forbidden to use the eyes to observe near the cutting edge during the test run. (e) During the stamping process, the following items must be performed: (1) It is forbidden to correct the position of the stamp blank during the running of the slider and after the pedal or handle has been pressed. (2) It is forbidden to perform work when the operating mechanism and the automatic shut-off mechanism are not operating properly. (3) It is forbidden to put anything on the punch table and change the foot mechanism or pad anything. (4) It is forbidden to place more than one billet part on the die at the same time and to clean iron scraps and trims by hand. (5) It is forbidden to find work when the punch impact and the automatic fall have different sounds. (6) It is forbidden to clean the ash by hand, to place parts, and to use photographs and tools when sending the workpiece. (7) It is forbidden to insert the hand or head into the punch, die or cushion. (8) Cleaning, refueling, or checking the operation and repair at the top of the equipment during operation is prohibited. (9) It is forbidden to joking and slapstick with others during the operation. The ideology should be highly concentrated. (10) It is forbidden to drink on the machine and operate smoking.
      (6) When loading and unloading the die, lubricating the machine tool and troubleshooting, the power must be cut off and the flywheel must stop rotating.
      (7) When two or more people operate at the same time, one person must be in charge of the command and there must be sufficient lighting at night. (8) After the work is completed, cut off the power supply, remove the leftovers, place the tool objects neatly, and the channels are unblocked to ensure safe and civilized production.

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