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      Company Profile

             Shandong Jinchen Machinery Corporation Limited is a professional manufacturer of forging equipment. It has a history of more than 30 years. The company has the right of import and export. It has passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a national secondary safety production standardization enterprise. Use the enterprise. “JINCHEN” brand forging press is famous trademark of Shandong province and famous brand product of Shandong province.
            The company is the world famous, China's largest forging machinery and cutting machine tool manufacturing enterprises - JIER MACHINE-TOOl GROUP CO.,LTD. for many years the only strategic partner. R & D center and marketing center are located in JIER MACHINE-TOOl GROUP CO.,LTD. Both sides are committed to product R & D, manufacturing, marketing and technology management innovation.All-round strategic cooperation. With the famous “cold, warm, hot forging and stamping” experts in China, around intelligent, precision, put a lot of research and development efforts and phase.Turn off production equipment, can provide users with a variety of energy-saving, low consumption of high-performance, intelligent cold, temperature, hot forging and stamping press and a variety of automatic forging.Stamping production line, process and equipment.

            Adhering to the modern manufacturing concept of intellectualization, digitization and automation, the company has built a heavy CNC press production system in the high-end industrial park of Rongcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone.Build a base. Products can cover 20,000 tons and less of a full range of mechanical presses and automation systems, multi-station presses, automotive panels, large stamping line and hot die forging Press, cold temperature forging press, intelligent forging production line and related supporting equipment.

             Carefully designed, carefully manufactured, customer first, to bear the risk for users, to create profits for users, to provide users with a complete line of turnkey service is our service purpose.

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