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      Recruiting Centre


      Jiaodong Peninsula is the easternmost the Rongcheng Jinchen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the sea on three sides, Weihai, a subsidiary of Rongcheng, Weihai City, North southeast on three sides near the Yellow Sea, the North and the Liaodong Peninsula relative, east and southeast across the Korean peninsula and the Japanese archipelago the sea, bordering West and Yantai City.
      Pleasant climate is a typical temperate maritime climate; rich resources and beautiful environment; patchwork urban mountains and the sea, building, three quarters of flowering, evergreen, atmospheric, water quality, noise and other environmental quality indicators are world-class in China.
      Rongcheng City, the county-level cities in the country, in 1998, the first batch of national environmental protection model city title in 2003, won the national garden city, China Habitat Environment Award and the National Landscaping advanced cities, China's east coast is the most suitable for human habitation and one of the entrepreneurial city.
      Rongcheng Jinchen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional production of forging equipment company, has 20 years of production history, the company covers an area of 100 acres and currently employs 180 people, has five large processing plant, the main production equipment 200 (sets), fully equipped with the conditions of manufacture of a variety of large forging machinery products and production capacity; 15 with the invention and utility model patents, the company has been named as the "high-tech enterprises, SME, labor relations harmonious enterprise "title. 2010 industrial output value of one hundred million yuan, 30 million yuan in profits and taxes, skilled workers and an average annual income of 5 to 6 million.
      Rongcheng Jinchen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and China's largest and highest technical level forging equipment manufacturing enterprises - Jinan Second Machine Tool Group to implement horizontal integration, relying on strong technical development strength Jinan Machine Tool Group and a strong manufacturing capacity, jointly conducted technology development and cooperation in production and operation of various forging machinery products; introduction of foreign advanced technology in producing all kinds of hot forging press and roll forging machine, trimming presses, corrected presses; hired a group of first-class expert, professional provide users with a variety of forging process.
      Mainly the production of a variety of hot forging presses, cold extrusion presses, coining press, closed single-point, two-point press, as well as supporting warm forging presses roll forged blank, pre-forging, trimming correction equipment and automatic line peripherals moldbase, mold, can provide users with the whole forging lines, turnkey projects; some of the products are exported to Southeast Asia and CIS countries. The products showed a shortage situation. The plant expansion, additional equipment, additional staff, productivity is a priority.
      2011-2013, the company will invest 460 million yuan in Rongcheng Economic Development Zone Industrial Park, the new 58,000 m2 new plant can produce 20,000 tons of large heavy-duty mechanical forging presses crank, after the completion of the project, the annual output will reach 10 billion yuan, 100 million yuan of profits. The company management practices, sound system, payment of pension, health care, accidental injury insurance for workers, free accommodation, dining subsidies 50% of the outstanding talent, given good treatment and the relative freedom of the ability to serve as a platform. Honest, dedicated, responsible, hard-working, high-paying companies expect every employee.

      Internship period 2000 - 3000 yuan monthly wage. The end of the internship after passing the examination and other posts, 2500-4000 yuan monthly wage.
      Address: Rongcheng the shade Guanzizhen rain mountain road Tel: (0631) 998 76219997627810
      E-mail: info@jinchen.com.cn 15588316102

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